Holland Boat Tours

Shopping weekend

Shopping weekend 4 days 3 nights:


Day 1: Amsterdam 14.00 check in

Day 2: Amsterdam sailing to Alkmaar

Day 3: Alkmaar sailing to Haarlem

Day 4: Haarlem sailing to Amsterdam check out: 11.00


More information shopping weekend:
The sporty tour starts in Amsterdam where you can enjoy the city. Walk along the canals and typical Amsterdam houses. You can choose with this your to dine in the city or on the boat. After dinner, you can hang out on the sundeck or salon with coffee, tea or drink or discover the nightlife from Amsterdam. The next morning after breakfast we are going to Alkmaar. Friday is in Alkmaar a big cheese market from 10.00 till 13.00. If you want to visit the market we can sail before breakfast so we are on time in Alkmaar. Alkmaar is a beautiful city where you can shop well and enjoy one of the many terraces. The next day we go to Haarlem. On the boat you can enjoy the view. We come along the Haarlem. The boat will be 5 minutes from the city. Discover Haarlem and visit the shops, windmill or museum. In the nighttime you can relax on the boat with a wine, beer or some coffee. From Haarlem we go back to Amsterdam again. Enjoy the cruise and look back on a nice cruise with Holland Boat Tours. 


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