Holland Boat Tours

Sporty Tour

Sporty tour 8 days 7 nights:

Day 1: Amsterdam check in 14.00

Day 2: Amsterdam sailing to Hoek van Kuffelen

Day 3: Blocq van Kuffeler sailing to Bataviastad

Day 4: Bataviastad sailing to Dronten

Day 5: Dronten sailing to Kotterbos

Day 6: Kotterbos sailing to Amsterdam

Day 7: Amsterdam

Day 8: Amsterdam check out 11.00


The sporty tour starts in Amsterdam where you can enjoy the city. Walk along the canals and typical Amsterdam houses. You can choose with this tour to dine in the city or on the boat. After dinner, you can hang out on the sundeck or salon with coffee, tea or drink or discover the nightlife. The next morning after breakfast we are going to Hoek van Kuffelen. This tour is ideal for people how loves to cycle. Every day you can choose to go on the bike or stay on the boat. On the bike you see a lot of the Netherlands. You may like to stay on board and relax and enjoy the tour. In Hoek van Kuffelen you can take beautiful hiking trails or walk nature or cycle through the nature. The next day we go to Batavia city. In Batavia city you can shop in a big shop outlet with all famous brands. Enjoy the boat trip to Dronten through a lock that goes down to 5 meters. In Dronten you can visit the city or stay on the boat. From Dronten we continue the tour to Kotterbos. In Kotterbos you can enjoy the water, nature and tranquility. Have a nice swim or relax with a good book. From Kotterbos we go back to Amsterdam where you have the time to discover the city by bike or foot. Think of a market or visit one of the many museums.